Karezza Method

The Benefits of Karezza

The "Karezza Method" can revolutionize your marriage relationship, and greatly enhance your enjoyment of sex and life. The difference in the energy of your relationship is incredible, once you've found and learned Karezza!

You will also be strengthened physically.

What is Karezza?

Well, definitions vary. Some say that Karezza is sex without an orgasm.

This is a poor definition. If this were true, then any sexual

Karezza is:

1. Sexual Union between a man and woman (usually for an extended time).

2. Where orgasm is not the end goal (although may happen at times).

3. And where loving energetic union strengthen both the man and woman.


Ways to Control Yourself Sexually -

Physical (slow down, not aim toward orgasm, move in other ways than in and out).

Mental - Give your energy to your wife. Picture your energy flowing from you into her, and then flowing back from her head into you, as you are embracing.


Notes -

Compare maithuna and sahaja

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